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LUPA LUPAE !!! (si è vinto il Palio !!!)

La Lupa ha fatto “SCOMPIGLIO” ! Si è vinto il Palio di Provenzano (2 Luglio 2016). Grande Jonatan Bartoletti! Grande LUPA!!!! Era dal 1989 che la Contrada della Lupa non vinceva il Palio. Era la cosiddetta “nonna” (per maggiori info andate sul mio Reportage “Di Roma lo Stemma, di Siena i colori“. La Lupa è […]


If today Milan in 2015 is this (the economic capital and the business of Italy) one of the reasons are the “Navigli” canals. Milan is not born on a great river as Rome (Tiber), Florence (Arno), Turin (Po) or Verona (Adige), but grows and develops in an area rich in spring waters and it has […]

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

SANTA RUNNING is the “march of Santa Clauses” which takes place in Milan to officially open the holiday season. Now in its third edition with 10,000 participants this non-competitive race is taking place in the hearts of the Milanese Citizen as a festive, colorful (especially “Red Santa Claus” and “Snow White Beard”) and cute event […]

Palio in Between

The Palio of Siena is not an event organized for tourism, but it is the essence and the heart of the city of Siena and its inhabitants. Since 1644 the Race of “Piazza del Campo” has run by horses ridden bareback by the jockeys, real heroes of the districts. The city is divided into 17 […]

25 Aprile 2013 – Not Only the Day of the Italian Liberation

On April 25, 1945 Genoa, Turin and Milan were liberated by the Nazi oppression and Italy found its Freedom. Every year they show and hand down the memory of what happened in those terrible moments to remember it and with the hope modern generations are able to finally reconcile themselves with the past. Nevertheless this […]

29 Gen 2013 / 0 Comments / in Milano

L’ASSOCIAZIONE BIANCA GARAVAGLIA ONLUS è lieta di invitarVi a ARTINTENT, Mostra/Asta Benefica di Arte Contemporanea presentando 63 artisti per il sostegno della Ricerca sui tumori infantili a favoredella S.C. di Pediatria della Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale Tumori di Milano. Si chiede il sostegno concreto ed il supporto dell’iniziativa benefica. Inaugurazione Lunedì 25/02/2013 alle ore 18:30 […]

16 Ottobre 2012 – L’ultimo giorno di McDonald’s in Galleria

16 Ottobre 2012: in 5 mila in fila da McDonald’s per l’ultimo pasto democratico: hamburger e patatine fritte gratis. La nostalgia e i ricordi più belli su un muro di gioia, pianto e ribellione per una scelta insensata che solo grazie alla collaborazione tra managment e dipendenti di uno dei più grossi gruppi della ristorazione […]

Maledetta Primavera

“Maledetta Primavera” (Damned Spring), take its name from a famous song of the 80’s Italian singer Loretta Goggi  and it is a big party organized by Rockit ( with all the Italian Music Live Clubs want take part of it to open the Italian Rock Bands’ “live” season. Rockit is the most important portal of Italian […]

Piazza degli Affari (Italian Stock Exchange, a square of Milano)

From financial crisis of end 2008, our life of ordinary mortals seems never to be the same. Everything started from the “subprime” crisis and from the crunch of the financial products called derivatives through which, in a very complex system of Chinese boxes, the debt of each company, bank, or private entity was divided, packaged […]

Ligue du Nord

Milano (Italy), Jan. 22nd 2012 Political Demonstration of “Lega Nord” party. The Italian League North Party (Lega Nord) is actually the only parliamentary opposition in Italy against the new prime minister Professor Mario Monti after the Beluconian disaster. The “Lega” was born more than 20 years ago in Lombardia region, one of the richest European […]