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If today Milan in 2015 is this (the economic capital and the business of Italy) one of the reasons are the “Navigli” canals. Milan is not born on a great river as Rome (Tiber), Florence (Arno), Turin (Po) or Verona (Adige), but grows and develops in an area rich in spring waters and it has exploited its potential with the creation of artificial navigable canals using the three rivers that border it (Olona, ​​Seveso and Lambro) as early as the XII century. In the XV century Leonardo da Vinci is in the Sforza court of Ludovico il Moro and below him there is the turning point with the completion of basins (basin regulated by two closed) and the navigability of the channels that allow the Lombard capital to enter into direct communication with the North (with Large ships connecting Milan with the Ticino River and then Lake Maggiore and Switzerland) and West Europe (Great canals and Bereguardo tying the city with the river Po to France). To the east the Martesana did the Lombardy capital interact with the river Adda, then Venice and the East, while in the South the Pavese Canal has approached the city to the river Po and then to the capital Rome. Watching from above you can see a network of communication, a Physical WEB, and how today also in the past centuries the economic, cultural, artistic and social development takes place only with communication and exchange of ideas between people who meet. Here the canals are for me the anticipation of the modern Internet system. Milan is this and is proud of its industriousness because there are canals. In a moment of closure to the outside world, we have to think about the internet and what were the canals. Opening and knowledge, the only way for social prosperity and a more serene future.

I traveled physically the Navigli canals to the ends of the Metropolitan City Milan meeting great people, dwelling on landscapes too often ignored by me (the usual thought: I live in Milan and then I will always have time … useless thought) and picking up things and objects I wanted to make “my documentation” of “my city” …

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