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Lanzarote Winter

Lanzarote is the easternmost of the autonomous Canary Island in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 125 km off the African cost and far 1,000 km from its mother Country Spain. The island has a desert climate with just less than 20 days of rain in a year and a average daily temperature of 25°C/77°F. The fair population, the blue sky, […]


If today Milan in 2015 is this (the economic capital and the business of Italy) one of the reasons are the “Navigli” canals. Milan is not born on a great river as Rome (Tiber), Florence (Arno), Turin (Po) or Verona (Adige), but grows and develops in an area rich in spring waters and it has […]


19 Dic 2014 / 0 Comments / in Alaska, Landscape, Travel, USA

Although it had been occupied for thousands of years by indigenous peoples, from the 18th century onward, European powers considered the territory of Alaska ripe for exploitation. The United States purchased Alaska from Russia on March 30, 1867, for $7.2 million ($121 million adjusted for inflation) at approximately two cents per acre ($4.74/km²). The area went through several administrative […]

29 Gen 2013 / 0 Comments / in Milano

L’ASSOCIAZIONE BIANCA GARAVAGLIA ONLUS è lieta di invitarVi a ARTINTENT, Mostra/Asta Benefica di Arte Contemporanea presentando 63 artisti per il sostegno della Ricerca sui tumori infantili a favoredella S.C. di Pediatria della Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale Tumori di Milano. Si chiede il sostegno concreto ed il supporto dell’iniziativa benefica. Inaugurazione Lunedì 25/02/2013 alle ore 18:30 […]


Namibia is the most dry Country in Austral Africa continent. You can find one of the biggest desert in the world, in fact on the West cost you have the Namib Desert long 800 km and large 200 and inside the Country you find the Kalahari coming from South Africa and Botswana border. At the […]

South Africa… malaria free

30 Mar 2012 / 0 Comments / in Africa, Colour, Landscape, Safari, Travel

Sud Africa – Malaria Free dalle coste europee del sud alle savane selvagge del nord Prologo Eravamo a New York, in taxi, dopo aver visitato Boston, Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto e Philadelphia i polmoni ci chiedevano aria,  pulita, dolce, fresca e chiara; i polmoni, il sangue ci domandavano più globuli rossi, l’EME non trasportava più […]

Exibition: “Favignana: quiete e mattanza” (from March 10th in Milano)

Favignana is a butterfly landed on Mediterranean Sea in front of the western Sicilian Cape. Its wings were always shacked by Tuna loving parade between end of May & beginning of June. The “Last Tonnaroti” followed the Tuna life cycles for having food & making a profitable business every year. Unfortunately the new technologies and […]

Freezer Milano

February 2012 was the most snowing and most cold month of the year in all Italy. Peaks of -28°C were registered in town Livigno (Lombardia, North of Italy close to Switzerland). On the Adriatic Cost side near Cesena the level of snow reached 100 cm. Rome, because of the public structures inexperience, was blocked and […]


25 Ago 2011 / 13 Comments / in Colors, Colour, Travel, Uncategorized, USA

If you live in Europe, Hawaii are far away, really far away, but it’s worth. Forget Tom Sellec and magnum P.I., because with the crisis there are not many Ferrari. You find the beauty in the forests, waterfalls and fantastic fruits, on smooth sandy beaches and in the people, but be careful because as in […]

Australia RGB

Australia is a continent and just over three weeks to visit it are not enough, maybe even three years. The risk is to try to bring with you a bit of everything that it is a much anything. The probability of getting lost in the immensity was there so before leaving, and after seeing the […]