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09 Set 2018 / 0 Comments / in Uncategorized

Di mezzo ci sono sempre le donne, è così che Giuseppe Pons si avvicina per caso alla fotografia. La sua fidanzata dell’epoca desidera dei ritratti. Così fu. Poi l’amore quello vero: la prima macchina e le prime pubblicazioni sui giornali di settore quali Tuttofotografi e Progesso Fotografico. Uno studio continuo e costante anche in camera […]

2 Dicembre 2013 – Riapre McDonald’s in Galleria (Galleria 2)

MILAN, DECEMBER 2 – “We are happy, satisfied to be back here in about twenty feet from where we were before.” He said Roberto Masi, CEO of McDonald’s For Italy, which today held a party, offering hamburgers and soft drinks for free, for the return of fast food in living room of Milan. The previous […]

Le Vie delle Foto (

The project “Le vie delle Foto” is a collective photography presentation made up of many different single exhibitions around the center of Trieste. Taking place from the 1st October until the 31st October 2012 the project involves more than 100 collaborators including photographers, bars, restaurants and hotels. This collective photography exhibition will be designed as […]


25 Ago 2011 / 13 Comments / in Colors, Colour, Travel, Uncategorized, USA

If you live in Europe, Hawaii are far away, really far away, but it’s worth. Forget Tom Sellec and magnum P.I., because with the crisis there are not many Ferrari. You find the beauty in the forests, waterfalls and fantastic fruits, on smooth sandy beaches and in the people, but be careful because as in […]