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Mimosa Woman

In New York in 1908, the female workers of the textile industry Cotton went on strike to protest against the terrible condition where they forced to work. The strike continued for some days, until on March 8th the company owner, Mr. Johnson, blocked all the factory’s doors to prevent workers leaving. At the plant was […]

Freezer Milano

February 2012 was the most snowing and most cold month of the year in all Italy. Peaks of -28°C were registered in town Livigno (Lombardia, North of Italy close to Switzerland). On the Adriatic Cost side near Cesena the level of snow reached 100 cm. Rome, because of the public structures inexperience, was blocked and […]

Piazza degli Affari (Italian Stock Exchange, a square of Milano)

From financial crisis of end 2008, our life of ordinary mortals seems never to be the same. Everything started from the “subprime” crisis and from the crunch of the financial products called derivatives through which, in a very complex system of Chinese boxes, the debt of each company, bank, or private entity was divided, packaged […]

FIS Cross-Country World Cup in Milano

On January 14th-15th 2012 Milan is back as the winter sports capital hosting the 10th Competition of the FIS World Cup Cross Country sixteen years after the FIS World Cup cross-country skiing to the  “Fiera Campionaria Fair” and at the Vigorelli Velodrome in 1998. Sprints are raced on a ring of 620 m starting and […]